Ann Miller Estate – Vintage Mid-Century Perfume Bottle


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Ann Miller Estate – Vintage Mid-Century Perfume Bottle – The bottle is wonderfully heavy which leads me to believe that it is crystal. Very thick glass/crystal. I put the bottle on the postal scale and it weighed ONE pound! The overall shape of the bottle is in the Mid-Century Style. I am guessing that it is circa 1950’s – 1960’s as were many of the items from Miss Miller’s estate. There is a yellow & silver-tone stick on the bottom of the bottle which reads MADE IN GERMANY. I can find no damage to the bottle – no chips, nicks, cracks. Note that in the stopper of the bottle there are miniscule air bubbles trapped within. You have to look closely to see these. Height is slightly under 5 1/2″ to the top of the stopper. Width of the bottle is 3 1/2″. If there was a longer dauber, it has been ground down.